Afternoon Seminar


Over the past year and a half Kirsch has been collecting information from Designers, Decorators, Home owners and its Distributors to create a more refined Kirsch.  All of their research and development is putting Kirsch back on top of the drapery hardware industry

  • Powerpoint presentation of the New Kirsch
  • New Price Lists - Changes and Improvments
  • New Brochures
  • New Product Blinders
  • New Designer Metals Finishes and Finials
  • New Wood Trend Finishes
  • New Chroma Estate Rods
  • Architrac Color Additions

There is a lot of new and refreshing things coming from Kirsch.  Come see what they have! 

See the New

Our table top show will be held on Wednesday May 9th.  We will have over 20 vendors presenting and two great seminars.  

Where: Dixie Textile & Supply's Design Showroom

 When: 10:00 - 3:00  -  Morning Seminar: 10:30  -  Lunch Served at 12:00  -  Afternoon Seminar: 1:30 

Our lunch will be a traditional Mexican style fest.

Morning Seminar

The History of Performance Textiles

Presented by Maxwell fabrics and Applied Textiles

  • An informative, practical and fun trip through the history of performance textiles.
  • Participants will be able to distinguish the difference between textile technologies and make the best decisions when specifying for their projects.
  • Participants will also learn the importance of validating high-performance claims and how to do so.
  • The course is accredited with the IDCEC, IIDA, ASID & IDC and is good for 0.1 continuing education credit

Learning Outcomes

  1. A brief history of fabric/fibers will be discussed. Participants will understand the need for developing stronger, stain resistant fabrics and how that led to industry innovations in fiber coatings and technologies.  The course will also demonstrate how materials and products can be appropriately selected and applied based on their properties and performance criteria.
  2. Participants will be able to compare and contrast historical development of protective technologies 1970's through today.  Participants will gain knowledge to better evaluate each process as to safety, sustainability and performance, i.e., Crosslink technology vs. Covalent bonding. Participants will be able to identify textiles for interior use that are sustainable and those that pose (or have posed) environmental and biological hazards. 
  3. Participants will become familiar with fabric testing methodologies and evaluating products based on testing results while understanding the minimum or maximum levels that performance fabric should exhibit for specific use.  
  4. Participants will gain an overview of emerging technologies and the future of fabric protection processes. 



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